Oxylos Leak O2 CO2 Analyser


The Abiss Oxylos from Aneolia is a state-of-the-art system that is designed to help you measure up to five different things in one test. This system offers several options that allow you to perform various tests, including micro-leak measurement, Creep and Burst Test, oxygen headspace analysis, and carbon dioxide measurement.

The Leak Only option is perfect for measuring micro-leaks as low as 5μm, which is a critical measurement for enhancing food package seal integrity. The system can also perform a Creep and Burst Test, which helps determine the package’s resistance to pressure. If you choose the Leak, O2 option, you can measure not only micro-leaks but also oxygen headspace analysis as part of the same test. Finally, if you choose the Leak, O2, CO2 option, you can measure carbon dioxide measurement along with oxygen and micro-leak measurements.

The Oxylos is an automated and safe system that can be adapted to meet your production constraints. We offer solutions tailored to your applications that can speed up testing time without the need for any consumables. That means there’s no need for septa, and you won’t have to come into contact with the needle. Aneolia has a range of 3D printed tools that can be adapted to your formats.

The Oxylos meets the highest leakage measurement standard – DIN 55508-1, and offers the most accurate sensitivity on the market. This system is perfect for measuring micro-leaks and enhancing food package seal integrity. It’s an essential tool for ensuring that your products are packaged correctly and meet the highest standards of quality.

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Contact us for a quote and our team will ensure you have the right options for your products. Depending on your range of products, you may need different needles to use the Oxylos instrument. Upon request, we can develop tools for installation, hopper reduction and adaptation to non-destructive testing. Depending on your requirements, we can also offer you options such as a locking cylinder for faster inspection. Please contact our team here.