GlobalVision offers a Graphics Inspection tool that lets you scan artwork files with precision down to the pixel. This tool is more than a simple overlay, it allows you to catch any deviations between different versions of the artwork to ensure that no unintended errors have been introduced. By using leading artwork proofing software, you can check your artwork files from top to bottom and maintain their integrity with 100% accuracy as they move through your workflow.

With this tool, you can detect all types of artwork errors in a matter of seconds. You can proof artwork on labels and packaging to find any inconsistencies, check printer proofs against approved artwork files, and digitally overlay the loaded sample on top of the master for pixel-to-pixel accuracy. You can also easily isolate the regions of your artwork that you want to check.

In addition, the GlobalVision Barcode Inspection feature allows you to verify and grade barcodes without a scanner. You can inspect barcodes directly in the electronic file before they’re printed. The software instantly verifies all barcodes according to standards such as CEN, ANSI, and ISO.

Furthermore, GlobalVision Braille Inspection ensures that your Braille is accurate and meets regulatory requirements. This feature allows you to run fast and accurate Braille inspections to ensure that every dot is printed correctly. With support for over 43 languages, including European Braille Code (EBU) and Unified English Braille (UEB), GlobalVision Braille Inspection ensures that your Braille is printed correctly for whichever regions your packaging is set to appear in.

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