Abiss Mercury

Abiss Mercury

The Abiss Mercury from Aneolia is an advanced device designed to monitor the oxygen and pressure levels in medical fluid networks. It features an optional CO2 detection system that can detect the presence of CO2 in the medical fluid network, ensuring that the medical fluid is connected to the correct identified wall socket.

This medical fluid detector is entirely designed and manufactured in France and is widely used in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, and retirement homes. The device is highly accurate and reliable, making it ideal for monitoring medical fluid networks.

The Abiss Mercury complies with the mandatory NF EN ISO 7396-1 standard, which is essential for the installer’s final inspection of their work. This standard is necessary for ensuring the safety and accuracy of the medical fluid network.

This gas analyser is equipped with a rechargeable battery that makes it autonomous. It can operate for long periods without the need for external power sources. Moreover, after 5 minutes of inactivity, the device automatically goes into standby mode to save battery power.

The Mercury’s capabilities are enhanced by the use of an O2 sensor that is 5 times faster than previous generations. This advanced sensor ensures that the device can detect changes in oxygen levels quickly and accurately, making it an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals.

In summary, the Abiss Mercury is a reliable, accurate, and versatile medical device that can be used in various medical settings to monitor oxygen and pressure levels in medical fluid networks. Its advanced features, including the optional CO2 detection system and the fast O2 sensor, make it an essential tool for healthcare professionals who prioritize patient safety and accuracy.

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